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S1E052 - Hot Seat Coaching Thursday

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People do business with People, not corporations. That’s why having a great authority story can help position you as the person people want to do business with and follow. Learn the 3 key pieces to building a great authority story

S1E054 Entrepreneurs: How To Grow Your Celebrity Status in 100 Days

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Learn the #1 Strategy Every Business needs to know, and how to implement it in order to Accelerate Your Authority in aDays

S1E021 Entrepreneurs: The 5P's to Accelerating Your Authority

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The number one reason you should care about being the authority in your marketplace is so you are top of mind. Meaning, when someone talks about a particular area of business or the particular industry that you are in then you want to be top of mind. You want to be the one people think of or go to for help automatically.

S1E032 Entrepreneur: Hot Seat Coaching w/ John McCabe

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The #1 Thing Every Business needs to Focus On right Now is ATTENTION!

Every company needs to get attention in this noisy and busy space.  It has generally always been that way, however the playing field is different.  It is a different landscape. 

You should think of yourself as a media company first and foremost, then you do your business.  Just like a media company, you are in the attention getting game.. Ask yourself, how to you get the attention of your ideal target market?  

You want to go where the eyeballs and ears are looking and listening.  That isn’t tv commercials, listening to radio or in newspapers or magazines.  Generally, eyes are focused on their smart phones, tablets and computers and listening to their phones, tablets and computers.  So you need to get yourself in front of these people with a message that resonates.